About us

Digital Finance Working Group specializes on financial technologies and its impact on the financial services sector. It aims to be a hub for fintech research across payments, deposits & lending, open banking, insurance, capital raising and wealth management domains with particular emphasis on blockchain, big data, mobility, AI and regulations. The group brings together academics from international research centers such as Behavioral Finance Working Group of Queen Mary University and Emerging Markets Group of Cass Business School and expertise of consulting firms such as KPMG. The group currently hosts two PhD and seven M.A. students.
Current research of DFWG focuses on building an understanding of how new technologies (such as blockchain, mobility, big data) and regulations (such as GDPR, PSD2) are reshaping the financial services business models (such as API banking, P2P platforms), and their impact on (i) firm performance, (ii) financial literacy, and (iii) financial inclusion.
Academic research that integrate finance, technology and human/organizational behaviour with an inter-disciplinary perspective covering digital transformation strategy, innovation, technology adoption and financial decision-making by incumbent financial services institutions, fintech companies as well as end-users are welcome for Post-Doc positions. On that note, I would like to invite you to join DFWG.


Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. Ceylan Onay Şahin

Founder and Principal Researcher of DFWG